Online Gaming for Kids – The Disadvantages

Online gaming for kids has certain disadvantages. Kids cannot make use of their brain capacity. They are not able to think properly and decision independently. They get involved in gaming and lose the ability to concentrate and focus. Hence kids tend to lag behind in their academic performance.

Children like interactive and immersive games and such games are a great learning tool for them. They learn through the fun and excitement of online games. You may buy any game from any site and download it onto your computer. The main advantage of online games is that they could be downloaded anytime and anywhere. Another main disadvantage is that kids do not have the habit of exercising self-control. They often lose control over their actions and push themselves too much.

Children playing online need to understand how to play certain online games. Sometimes you may find them being unaware of the terminologies involved. But kids do not have the option of asking for any help. If they fall into the trap of unsupervised gaming, they could face negative consequences. So parents should monitor the activities of their children who are online playing.

There are also some disadvantages related to online gaming for kids. One important disadvantage is that kids do not spend adequate time for wholesome hobbies and pastimes like reading books, playing outdoor games, participating in various sports, participating in drama clubs, etc. Kids also tend to become zero-minded and neglect their studies and interests. Their attention is diverted from their studies and extracurricular activities to playing online games for prolonged periods of time. Hence, proper guidance and monitoring of their online activity by parents are highly required.

Many kids prefer playing online games for extended periods because they find it a source of diversion for boredom and stress. Many kids even feel addicted to online games. For instance, in Japan where online games are extremely popular, there are several incidents of young people committing suicide because of the excessive addiction to online games. In recent years, the number of kids spending considerable amount of time playing online games has increased. There is a clear link between the excessive time spent on online games and mental health problems in kids.

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