Pearcy continues in the studio, it's a "SMASH"! 

RATT founder solo artist Stephen Pearcy has been locked in the studio off and on between shows working on his 4th solo release titled "SMASH" for a 2015 release date TBA. Touring solo (under tours) Pearcy and his droogs are recording at least (25) songs leaving no stone un turned for the new record. Every chance his get's between solo dates to keep the live vibe going, recording sessions at MT Studios in Burbank, CA.

Stephen Pearcy in the studio recording his 4th solo release, "SMASH"! 

Off and on from solo dates  in the studio, RATT founder former lead singer STEPHEN PEARCY work recording his 4th solo release, "SMASH".  Pearcy and his droogs have been working hard in the studio recording the new record. Pearcy is to record close to (25) songs, how and in what format it will be released TBA. Drum tracks (8) so far, with ex White Lion/Pearcy's solo band drummer Greg D' Angelo.
Other musicians on the record from Pearcy's solo band include Erik Ferentinos (long time lead guitarist/co writer), Matt Thorne - ex early Ratt/Rough Cutt on bass, and original Mickey Ratt/Rough Cutt guitarist Chris Hager. Possible guests on the new record tba.
The first single and video to be released end 2014, with an early 2015 release for the new record. It's a  "SMASH". The band is recording at MT Studios, Burbank, CA.

Founder and Former Lead Singer of RATT; Stephen Pearcy will be entering back into the studio. 

Founder and Former Lead Singer of the band RATT;  Stephen Pearcy will be entering back into the studio starting the week of August 11th to begin working on his 4th solo release. Originally titled "Sucker Punch". With three songs released already and a video under Top Fuel Records, Pearcy and his Droog team have written over (20) songs for the new solo record, now aptly titled "SMASH". The new record will be released early 2015, with the first single and video ready by the end of 2014. Pearcy and his ratt pack are currently on the road playing all the RATT hits, solo songs and then some. Pearcy and RATT bassist Juan Croucier, who recently rejoined the band RATT three years ago are considering working on a project for 2015.  

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