"We are unto ourselves, we are the Underworld". SEP/Top Fuel Records 2016


Pearcy continues in the studio 2016 to complete the FULL Record "SMASH"  

Former RATT, now solo artist Stephen Pearcy has been locked in the studio on and off between shows working for his 4th full solo release "SMASH" 2016 release date TBA., Episode 1 EP out now!

Pearcy say's, "Every chance I get between solo dates is to keep the live vibe going, we are in the studio recording in no specific order".
The recording sessions are in MT Studios in Burbank, CA.

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Stephen Pearcy new career retrospective compilation "Before & Laughter" III 


Former RATT Stephen Pearcy to release a new career retrospective compilation,
"Before & Laughter" III

Taking time but still in the studio recording and releasing new singles for the 4th solo release "SMASH" 2016, the first four singles (of four EP) available now on iTunes. Stephen Pearcy for sometime has been going thru years and years of music from his (30) plus year career. New re recorded Mickey Ratt and archive songs, ARCADE  studio & live on the Bon Jovi tour 1993, Vicious Delite, Vertex, early RATT songs before the original members and record contracts, solo works and other projects. Never before heard versions of songs live and studio recordings.
The new compilation "Before & Laughter" III (1977-2016) will be released 2/2016 on Top Fuel Records.
Pearcy; "I have literally hundreds of cassettes, CD and every format of recordings over the last (30) plus years and decided to really get into it and find the charms,
"I was surprised to find some great music with my bands and project's that should be heard".

Stay tuned for more newz as we get it!


The NEW single "I Can't Take It" available on ITunes NOW! 

The 1st NEW Stephen Pearcy single "I Can't Take It"  (Mixed and Mastered by RATT Producer Beau Hill) the new release SMASH Episode 1, available NOW!

"SMASH" Episode One available now on ITunes from Top Fuel Records 2016    






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